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About Us:

We are an ICCRC licensed immigration and consulting company that helps individuals or families immigrate to Canada, US and other countries. We've assembled an elite team including professional lawyers, immigration consultants, and certified accountants to fulfill all your immigration needs. Read More...

Our Services:

  • Express Entry System
  • Skilled Workers (Federal & PNP)
  • Temporary Visas to visitor and worker
  • Quebec and other PNP (BC, S/C, MT, and PEI).
  • Sponsorship (Spousal, Parents and Children)
  • Intra-Company Transferred-in Work Permit
  • Temporary Residence Visa(s) and Extension
  • Unities States Investment Immigration Program (EB-5)
  • Passports and PR Overseas Application, including Cyprus & Antiqua, Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis and etc.


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